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The Dynamic Visual Resource for Plastic Surgery Training

Designed for plastic surgery trainees, this resource provides 1-page visual summaries of key topics in plastic surgery. Trainees will benefit from improved baseline knowledge. The images have been designed to fit easily on a smart phone or tablet device such that trainees have a truely portible tool that they can access as and when they need it. The diagrams have been designed to be memorable through utilising colour and association so as to improve long term recall of facts. Please sign up to access all content and receive ongoing updates.

Mr John K. Dickson (Design)

Mr Nakul Patel (Design)

Mr Alex Varey (Development)

Special thanks goes to the following consultants and trainers for their guidance, support and teaching:-

Mr Donald Sammut; Mr David Evans; Mr Sherif Wilson; Mr Tom Cobley; Mr Paul Wilson; Mr Umraz Khan; Mr James Henderson; Mr Rob Warr; Mr Antomy MacQuillan; Mr Thomas Chapman; Mr Thomas Wright; Mr Nigel Mercer; Mr Alistair Cobb; Mr Simon Lee; Miss Susanna Hoult; Mr Dominic Ayres; Mr Antonio Orlando; Mr Timothy Burge; Mr Ian Mackie; Mr Jon Pleat; Miss Catalina Estela; Mr Peter Saxby; Mr John Palmer; Mr Vikram Devaraj; Mr David Oliver; Mr Chris Stone; Mr Andrew Watts; Mr Chris Wallace; Mr Andrew Wilson, Mr Nick Cawrse; Miss Rachel Tillet; Mr Hugo Tejada-Torres; Mr Irshad Patel; Miss Ruth Waters; Mr Robert Warner; Mr Sunil Thomas; Mr Naren Basu; Miss Pilar Matey; Mr Vik Vijh; Miss CC Kat; Mr Faisal Fatah; Miss Anne Dancey; Mr Venkat Ramakrishnan; Mr David Camp; Mr Robert Morris; Mr James McDiarmid; Mr Antony Fitton; Mr Duncan Mackenzie; Mr Lachlan Currie; Mr Manushakian; Mr Shehzad Salam; Miss Mary O'Brien; Mr Charles Nudka; Dr Jacques van der Meulen; Dr Heike Klepetko; Dr Ed Buchel; Dr Frank Lista.

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